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India Health Herbs gives you a wide range of natural and most effective remedies. Health is most important aspect in anyone's life. The medicinal properties of herbs and its significance are known by Indians since ages, way back from 2000 B.C. Number of diseases and health related problems are cured by ayurvedic treatment which are based on herbs with certain medicinal property. The basic principle of ayurvedic treatment is to cure the causative element of the disease from its root instead of suppressing its symptoms.

The science of life - Ayurveda - has focused on the use of herbs as to lead a healthy life, free of diseases. The science of Ayurveda is a unique holistic system, based on the interaction of body, mind and spirit. There are mainly three different categories of herbs: mild, strong and toxic. Ayurvedic practitioners mainly recommend and use mild herbs, because they have energetic, nutritive and therapeutic values without causing reactions or toxic effects. Use of herbs is regarded as the best way of treatment, because very less or no side effects are associated with them.

These herbs of medicinal values, have nothing to do with the side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are growing rapidly all around the world. Long standing conditions to prevent metabolic toxins are easily eliminated by various herbs without any side effects. These herbs are also called as "Blood Cleanser". Many herbs serve as Antacids, neutralizing the acid produced by the stomach and still retaining the healthy digestive acids that are needed for proper digestion.

To protect from fever and heat caused by condition, antipyretic herbs are recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners. Antiseptic is an important property of Ayurvedic medicines. These ayurvedic treatments are met out from the Indian kitchen shelves. They include, turmeric, black pepper etc. There are other kitchen shelf remedies from Ayurveda such as cinnamom, cardamom, coriander, peppermint etc. These condiments not only serve as appetizer, however, they also have aromatic and medicinal properties. They add flavor to the food as well acts as good digestive medicines. Some plants give you bitter taste. This property acts against the intoxins in the body thus killing the toxic germs that cause ailment to us.

Indian herbs are renowned all over the world for their medicinal properties. India is the second highest producer of medicinal health herbs in the world after China. Himalayas, Aravalis, and Nilgiri mountains are the greatest reserves of medicinal herbs in India. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian form of medicine, has been using herbs for thousand of years. These Ayurvedic herbs are very effective in increasing the body resistance and are used in the treatment of various diseases.
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